Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Berry Basket's Quilt Show

Last weekend Cathy and I were at Berry Basket's Quilt Show in Marlton. The recreational center was very nice and big. There were quite a few vendors and despite the awful rain on Saturday, we all had a really nice time. Saw Mimi, Marcy, and Cindy to name a few. My girlfriend, Karen, came with her grandson, Mason, who's almost 2. It was fun to see my friend as a grandma (the first in our group).

Monday, October 19, 2009

Do We have Time to Blog?

That's the question everyone is asking. and the answer is "No we probably don't have time to blog, but we will try". Between this and the website it is taxing our abilities to keep up with it all, but we will try.
Enjoy... we'll all try to get on and blog at some time

South Shore Stitchers Quilt Guild Show

Susan, Lynn and I all worked at the South Shore Stitchers Quilt Guild Show this past weekend in Tuckahoe, NJ. The weather was awful, but yet we had a wonderful time. The quilts were fabulous! Each vendor got to pick their favorite and give a quilt a prize. We selected a lovely appliqued and hand-quilted quilt from Blackbird Designs, "Birds of a Feather" book. It was so well done. Betty Lou C. won a prize for her "In Full Bloom" quilt also from Blackbird Designs. Susan quilted this particular quilt and it looked amazing hanging in the show.

We found all the quilters to be so friendly and nice. They made for a lovely 3 days for us. Pam, who loves Jo Morton fabrics, turned me on to the Temecula Quilt Shop that was featured in Quilt Sampler Magazine. That shop had also caught my eye when I read the magazine. Pam called and talked to the women out there, and she purchased a cute book on miniature quilts. I am really thinking of starting a miniature quilt group. Not those eeny weeny tiny ones, but ones with small pieces, but are do-able by me. I have been wanting to do Jo Morton quilts and Bonnie Blues, but the thought of making 45 blocks of the same thing just isn't working with my "QADD" (Quilter's attention deficit disorder- you know, after I've done 4 blocks I'm tired of them and want to move on!). I think I could actually complete a small quilt with less blocks and still feel a sense of accomplishment. I love the colors of the civil war quilts, so I think this may give me a way to make those quilts, get them done, and enjoy. Besides, I don't know about you, but I can't hang any more quilts in my home! Little quilts can be placed or draped over a table, I can put a candle on top. So maybe this is the way to go for me.

Quilt Market

Lynn and I went to Houston to the International Quilt Market. We had a most successful trip! The fabrics and patterns were amazing this year. I think we went a little crazy picking out new patterns for the shop. We picked up a lot of new pocketbook patterns and brought samples back to the shop. I was most happy to find Lynette Anderson there and was able to purchase some new Australian quilt patterns. I believe that they will be the next "hot" patterns. I have some samples in the shop, but will be ordering more. We were able to talk to a lot of different companies and have many new products coming in. Stop by the shop soon to see what comes in each day